Our lending policy, underwriting policy, and procedure review services are designed to empower community banks and CDFIs with robust frameworks for lending excellence and regulatory compliance. We identify areas for enhancement or refinement, providing tailored recommendations to strengthen your lending policies and underwriting practices. Whether it's optimizing credit risk assessment procedures, enhancing loan origination processes, or ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines, our goal is to equip your institution with the tools and insights needed to drive sustainable growth and mitigate risk. Partner with us to instill confidence in your stakeholders, and achieve lasting success in serving your community's financial needs.

Lending Policy & Procedures Review

Our loan review services provide community banks and CDFIs with comprehensive assessments of their loan portfolios, ensuring sound risk management practices and regulatory compliance. The process involves an analysis of loan documentation, credit files and collateral with an eye towards identifying potential areas of concern and offering actionable recommendations to mitigate risk. Partner with us to enhance the health and resilience of your loan portfolio, empowering your institution to speak confidently about the quality of your loan portfolio to your Board, potential investors, regulators or other external parties.

Loan Review

Our credit risk analysis services provide you with risk management insights enhance your understanding of what trends are driving the credit risk profile of your loan portfolio. The goal is to provide information for you to strengthen the creditworthiness of your loan portfolio, enhance risk management practices and tie allowance model outputs to the drivers of risk within your loan portfolio. 

Portfolio Credit Risk Analysis

As your trusted partner, we offer comprehensive commercial loan underwriting services that encompass a thorough assessment of borrower creditworthiness utilizing a combination of analytics and industry expertise to accurately assess the essential risk factors of C&I and CRE loans. We provide actionable insights and recommendations to support informed lending decisions, helping you mitigate risk while maximizing lending opportunities.

Underwriting Commercial Loans

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